Hi there,

I'm Bonnie

I’m a Product Designer and Multimedia Specialist, based in Sydney, Australia.
I love solving problems through simplifying the complexity and combining insightful research with intuitive design. I enjoy every stage of creating digital products that are wanted by users, easy to use but also visually top notch. My secret obsession is perfecting design system and prototypes.

I'm currently working at Wisr, bringing financial wellness to all Australians. After hours, I work on a few projects at Priffle, where we harness the power of brands through building meaningful digital products for startups. I've previously worked as a digital designer & brand designer in South Korea for a range of clients in Fashion, Education, Development, and Hygiene industry.

When I'm not online, you'll find me training at gym, reaching my daily 10,000+ step goal or watching Netflix.️

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This is how I do it ✦

Putting users first in all aspects in the design process to create a meaningful and memorable experience.

Good product design is not just about meeting the expectations of usability, utility or aesthetics. I strive to deliver more than what's expected - an experience where users feel like their needs matter every step along the way while using the product. At the end of the day, what good is a product if it doesn't do what users need?


Empathy is the key. I ask all sorts of questions to make decisions about how things will play out from a user perspective before jumping into designing.


Less is better. By eliminating unnecessary features or UI elements, I strive to make the product more useful, consistent and enjoyable for users.


Communicate with engineers throughout the process. Iteration is inevitable but it doesn't have to be a struggle when we both are willing to pivot and talk it through.

Tools I use for my daily work ✦

The best way to stay on top of my work is by using these four essential tools, either working solo or collaboratively in team.

Adobe CS

Daily mood board ✦

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