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UX Research, Design System, Wireframes, Prototypes

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Research, UX Design, UI Design

Redesigning the site

Curio Projects is an Archaeology, Built Heritage & Interpretation Specialists company in Sydney who have extensive experience in bringing to life the rich heritage and cultural stories of a site.

The company's site was in need of an update, and the design had to be completely overhauled as the overall UX and UI design necessitated a significant amount of effort. It is because it didn't aim to solve users' problems or it wasn't built with a design system that would ensure managing design at scale using reusable, systemized and cohesive components and styles.

As the project is still being developed, I'd like to focus on just one part of the whole project: Creating the design system.

Case Study - Design System

Styles and UI Components

As the company is growing fast, it was important to build a design system at scale so that it will constantly evolve and develop with an ease of use and maintenance. The design system consists of a style guide and UI components such as typography, colors, grid systems, icons, buttons, checkboxes, profiles, UI cards, navigation and footers, and so on.

I ensured that the process of building the website throughout the design and development is carried out swiftly and efficiently with this design system. With documentation of the css, interaction and use of the components for the developers, I also made sure that the delivery of product would be faster and the end result as similar to the design as possible.

Case Study - Button Design

To help users guide through the site while delivering enjoyable user experience, the interactivity was the key by adding animation to UI elements and components.

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