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Case Study - Aezthetics

Aezthetics is a fitness startup in Australia that provides customized training programs and tracking tools such as food diaries and fasting, allowing people to achieve the lifestyle and physique they have always desired.

The first thing I did was set the goals that will be taken into account as we build the brand from scratch by determining where they are now, who their users are and what they want in their products in order to provide the greatest possible experience to users. Based on our conversations, I determined three major business goals:

- Aezthetics needed to create a unique brand identity that would distinguish them in the fitness tech market, as well as appeal to their target users.
- Shifting what it means to be fit and assisting users in reaching their fitness goals by developing a mobile app with easy-to-use and sleek interface design.
- Gaining a deeper connection with their customers online so they can learn more about what their users actually want and how they might enhance the product.

Getting things off the ground

To ensure that I was correctly branding Aezthetics, I conducted market research on the Fitness App industry and potential users.

Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of fitness app users has substantially increased. According to Yahoo Finance, the worldwide fitness app market is anticipated to reach $15.5 billion by 2028.

Between Q1 and Q2 of 2020, the daily active users for fitness apps in Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and the Middle East and North Africa rose by 24%, 11%, 8%, and 28%, respectively. Furthermore, many fitness app are seeing an increase in downloads and profits.

The following infographic depicts our User Insights, which are based on the research, providing insights into what users actually want. That assisted me in defining Aezthetics brand and creating user persona and user journey map later in the application design process.

Case Study - Aezthetics

Brand Identity

Aezthetics's mission is to assist people in all shapes, ages, and locations of the world break out of the endless cycle of craving a particular body or lifestyle but ending up only dreaming through providing flexibility, accountability, connection, and innovative wellness practices.

I explored a variety of concepts before settling on one I called "A real Zeal for Aesthetic appeal" with a look and feel of cutting-edge, stunning, modern, and aesthetically pleasing.

Logo. The Z and dumbbell combination is distinctive and memorable. Its simplicity, as well as its general concept, made it an appealing structural brand element to expand on.

Typography. I went with Sequel Sans for the brand typeface since it is contemporary, clean, and versatile, as well as having beautiful curve and clean edge that enhances the aesthetics of typography layout.

Colors. The pairing of bright and vibrant neon yellow and black is even more noticeable, attractive, and powerful when used together.

Case Study - Aezthetics

Website design

The Aezthetics website was designed to be appealing and informative for prospective users before the mobile app release, informing them about what to anticipate and encouraging them to sign up for the waitlist and stay connected. I focused on making it simple for site visitors to discover what they need and join the queue easily by placing CTAs effectively both in the fixed navigation menu and above the footer.

Case Study - Aezthetics

The overall site is meant to help site visitors get to know Aezthetics, increase their interest, and ultimately join the waitlist by displaying high-fidelity mocks and providing product information in a charming voice.

User pain points

When it comes to fitness goals, we all have our dream bodies in mind. But often times, these dreams remain just dreams. It seems to be challenging for most people at all fitness levels to achieve and maintain long-term gains for following reasons:

Limited time and lack of flexibility in current exercise routines.
Lack of accountability and connection that leads to a loss of motivation.
Users frequently become frustrated by using several apps such as food diary, fasting and hydration to achieve the results.
Lack of information regarding what sorts of routines are ideal, as well as nutrition and fasting for their goals.

Because of all these factors, most of people tend to give up within the first six months because they don't see results, and they don't believe that the method is working.

On its way to the globe, a new way of fitness is arriving

That's where Aezthetics comes in to help individuals achieve the desired results by providing all-in-one fitness app that's tailored to individual users’ needs and fitness goals.

No matter what users’ fitness goals are, this all-in-one fitness app provides custom tailored workout routines that are flexible, food diary and fasting tracker that is simple and easy to use. Additionally, users can also find accountability to stay motivated and on track through their gloabl community.

With Aezthetics, fitness doesn't have to be complicated or uninteresting any more. So keep an eye out! Because we're currently developing the product for both iOS and Android. When it's finished, I'll go through the whole process in great detail, as well as talk about our users and design approach in further depth. It's still a mystery till then!

Case Study - Aezthetics

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